i have a job!

25 04 2005

[patting self on back]

i have a job!! i have a job!! okay, so i understand that the news isn’t so exciting, considering the nursing shortage and sign-on bonuses. however, one must consider that i am still in the midst of my program.

what type of program, you ask? in a nutshell, its is an accelerated MS program for non-nursing bachelors degree holders. in 6 quarters, i earn an RN; in the last 6 quarters, i earn my MS – incidentally my ‘major’ is family nurse practitioner. when i say accelerated, i mean it! each quarter i take almost double the amount of credit hours as any graduate student on campus. (things are slowing down now that i’m in the latter part of the program…but still very intense!)

what makes getting the job so extraordinary is the combined nature of the program and the ‘special consideration’ for my job. not only does the pace of the program not allow for the requisite orientation (orientation is normally a full-time duty and may last up to 6 months) that most RN’s must go through, but also it is next to impossible to find a flexible part-time RN position. i was able to secure a part-time position in a CCU as a new RN and get some flexibility in terms of my orientation period!!!

so i consider myself very lucky and consequently, i’m celebrating. yeah!




2 responses

27 04 2005

i’m so proud of ya, girl…and honored to know what goes on in that pretty little head 🙂

27 04 2005


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