common sense

6 07 2004

obese women likely to have overweight kids. well duh!

every year in columbus, there is a fantastic display of fireworks downtown. like many others, I hate the crowds. so, my family picks a spot on a public lawn far from the hustle and bustle. we like it…and have come to know the other families that discovered the same spot. but this year we had strangers among us (dare i say they came from the “other side of the tracks”?!?).

so, it’s not perfect….perfectly flat, that is. (and here is the connection to the above story.) a new family decided to pick the spot next to us. to put it plainly, they were hillbillies through and through. Down to the dirty blond children with torn and tattered clothes and the men wearing cut-off jean shorts w/ sleeveless denim button-downs….unbuttoned…..with no t-shirt underneath. yes, i do believe he was slurping beer in a cozy, too. oh-and mullets!! yes, mullets. anyway, they were (cough) a little larger. ok. they were fat. i’d say a bmi in the 30’s. here’s the sad part. Remember the gently sloping lawn? all three of their children had to support they’re bulging bellies as they ran down it. and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

here is my plea to you, mothers, don’t doom your child to a lifetime of obesity and unhealthyness. put down the cigarette when you are feeding your baby. pass the doritos in the snack aisle and head toward the produce section. (“produce” means fresh fruits and vegetables, if you didn’t understand what section was)….THINK OF YOUR CHILDREN FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!




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