incidentally, is coke it?

16 06 2004

in my old age, my metabolism has sloooooooowed down. well, that and i eat like a horse and stopped smoking. so, inevitably, i’ve gained weight. and no, i can’t fit into my clothes anymore…well, not WELL anyway. think, al bundy and unbutton pants. so, naturally, i examined my diet to see what calories i can cut. it was easy to see that my soda consumption doubled by intake almost daily. an easy substitution with water or diet soda should help, right? well, yeah, except i need my water ICE ICE cold and my soda needs to taste good.

the problem with most diet sodas is the tell-tale aspertam-y, nutra sweet-ey aftertaste. the drinks themselves tend to be WAY too sweet and little flat as far as carbonation is concerned. diet dr. pepper is the one exception to this rule; i find this beverage acceptable and most others say that they can barely tell the difference between it and it’s full-sugar cousin. however, dr. p is by nature less sweet to begin….so that is probably why i can drink this diet beverage. c2, the new low-carb coke, is different in that it doesn’t use these artificial sweeteners.

I about to try the new coke and wanted to share my experience with you. no, no, it’s not a diet soda. it’s a low-carb soda……i KNOW….by virtue of the fact it has that ridiculous “low carb” label, i should have just passed in the grocery aisle. but my grocery-manager-friend insisted that i try it.

first of all, c2 is packaged in cans and plastic 20 oz. bottles. The canned variety can be found in 8 and 18 packs. (gee, coke, your marketing is sooooo savvy and cutting edge). I plunked down 2.99 for the 8-pack (but failed to see what i would save if i went for the 18 can version). the logo version is similar to that of coke…but in a deeper brick red color w/ black & silver and granulated logo design w/ c2 across the top. i, personally, think it’s ugly. but does that matter? prolly not. is taste more important? possibly.

so what is c2? (click here for marketing blah blah)
It has half the carbs and half the calories. how does it taste? like coke. sort of. it’s the same flavor. but…hm….ever drink club soda? has a hint of that aftertaste. otherwise, i really don’t have anything bad to report about it. will i drink it? maybe. if it doesn’t cost extra. since i’ve learned to drink a true diet drink…why should i get the half-calorie alternative? give me a zero-calorie soda that tastes like coke or c2 w/o the aftertaste and i’m sold. otherwise, i’ll just drink diet dr. pepper.

auf wiedersehen




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