pda’s for nursing students, pt ii

11 06 2004

so where was i…..oh! pda’s! when i last left off we had learned that sony is pulling out of the market. for obvious reasons i won’t go there in terms of reviewing different devices. though you may see good deals out there…what’s the point if software/support will be going down the tubes? agreed? good, i can move on.

with that out of the way it’s really just a matter of what you want out of your palm. wireless? thumbpad? gps? multifunction? how much do you want to spend? let’s get a couple out of the way here…

garmin ique 3600
for the nursing student, i’d have to say this baby is a little overkill. it has integrated gps and has a msrp of around $590. what is gps? it stands for global positioning system. in short, it’s a map on crack. so unless you’ll be needing driving directions often, I don’t feel this is the way to go for a money-concious college student. on the other hand, it’s a cool gadget. so if gps is your bag, go for this one. (side note: if you really want gps you can (most) always get something to add on to the device you buy). if you’re interested, check this out.

samsung sph i500
here’s another combo device that is sure to please. it’s a phone/pda that i believe is offered through sprint pcs. so in addition to the msrp of $560, you’ll have to pay for the phone service. bummer if you’re already locked into a cell phone plan. it runs palm os 4.0 (currently palm is working on the 6th version of it’s software.) i’ve heard some gripes about the small screen size and some software compatibility – if it weren’t for these problems, i would have looked more seriously into this option…but, at least to me, there are much shinier toys out there. here is the product page for this pda.

am i missing any non-palmone branded devices (aside from sony)? please let me know.

(deep breath) so what do you want out of your palm? as a baseline, the product should be running at least palm os 4.0, have a color screen and memory expansion capabilities. you will not be able to house large drug databases and the like w/o this. so while an older pda can work…you really are limiting yourself to software options you have to use, for work/school AND for play. (i somehow feel like this is turning into a palmone commercial. sorry, our options are severely limited now.) before i move from this topic….if an older, used pda is the route you want to go to, good for you. let me point you to a couple places to buy these. there’s ebay (be wary of people w/ no feedback!)…sometimes the palm store’s factory outlet has some…and there’s always amazon (an online store that i have never had a problem with.) now i realize that a google search will find you plenty more options…but be cautious, the web is full of not very nice people. feel free to email me if you want my opinion of some online retailers.

ah…’tis getting late in the day. i shall return w/ my final post on this subject.





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15 06 2004

Pocket PC. Nuff said.

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