pda’s for nursing students

7 06 2004

ahhh, technology. don’t you love it? yes. except for the endless upgrades and new releases, cracked screens and incompatible hardware, hackers, viruses, expensive software and….hey, wait. this post is all about the love…so here we go:

pda 101 (1 credit)
personal digital assitants (pda’s) are handheld computing devices that provide the user with a number of productivity-enhancing programs. the most basic pda’s have a calender, task list and address book function; the most advanced act as multi-function gadgets that simultaneously act as pda/phone/camera/mp3 player/media device/lawn mower. and just as computers have different types of operating systems such as windows, macintosh and linux- pda’s run (generally) on two platforms: palm os and pocketpc. the latter is a microsoft product, the former is the ‘original’ pda computing platform. each has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but i will focus on the palm platform since it has more medically-related software available and offers an almost unlimited number of software programs/shareware/freeware. (i am also a mac junkie and generally shy away from all things microsoft).

okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the pda’s that are available with this platform.

NEWS FLASH: sony is pulling out of the us market

i suppose that in itself doesn’t make a difference. but it does leave the potential buyer with fewer options and the -slight- chance that pda’s will go the way of the dinosaurs. anyway, i’ll leave you to ponder that, i’m getting tired. but i’ll come back and add more later.





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