etiquette of blogging or political junk

3 06 2004

i suppose that someone/somewhere has determined how/when/where/why blah blah blah….the appropriate way to blog. do i care? not really. so why do i write this? honestly, it breaks my heart that this blog isn’t being filled with brilliant posts sprinkled with intriguing human insight. so i write to fill space.

okay…here it comes…my thought of the day:

admittedly, i am not a political person. i hardly follow the republican/democrat saga farther than the front page of the newspaper (but can you blame me? the columbus dispatch has less than desireable coverage). but i have a visceral hatred, strike that….um…dislike for the man sitting in the oval office. my logical brain hates me for not having hard data to back up that feeling…but yet it persists. (could it be the war? tax cuts to the rich? spending cutbacks on social programs? or perhaps the his open agenda to line his friends’ pockets with money?)

side note: scary thought. people may have the opposite feeling for bush w/o the data back it up.

my solution: read more books. debate about politics? no time. where the hell are the cliff notes for the ’04 election? open call to pro-republicans: how has bush actually helped maintain or improve american’s quality of life? why shouldn’t i vote for for the new guy?





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22 02 2007

good post – filled my coffee break

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